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All Eurojuris Norway firms endeavour to find, win and develop the best talents. For that reason, we organise regular meetings and courses where the main focus is professional development and knowledge sharing. Knowledge and experience sharing is in general one of Eurojuris Norway's core principles, which contributes to the development of the best lawyers. 

The benefits of working for a Eurojuris Norway firm
As an employee of a Eurojuris Norway firm, you get a unique opportunity to work within many different areas of law and industries with exciting tasks, in and outside of the major cities. Each member firm operates their business on an independent basis and offers various positions and opportunities in different locations in the country. However, anyone who is part of Eurojuris Norway has access to a large network of experienced and skilled colleagues across the country.

We are also part of an international network, Eurojuris International, which also organizes regular meetings and courses. In other words, all Eurojuris Norway lawyers can access a large network of experienced and skilled colleagues – locally, nationally and internationally.

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